Why to incorporate

Incorporation Assistance is not just for the unincorporated.

Did you know . . .

There are many reasons why you should consider incorporating your business . . .

Were you aware . . .

A lawyer will give you a host of legal reasons . . . such as protection of your personal assets from creditors, lawsuits etc.

As tax accounting advisors we will share with you the tax saving reasons and they are a number of them

For example . . .
When you operate your business as a corporation – it permits you to pay yourself in a manner that attracts less tax.

For most Business Owners there are about seven (7) ways to pay yourself from your own corporation and all of which will attract different rates of personal tax.

Whether you decide to have a lawyer to assist you or you want to do-it-yourself – it all is about ‘how to set the incorporation’ up to permit you to pay yourself moving forward with the least possible personal tax that will reduce your take home funds to live on and run your personal budget.

So getting advice first would make sense – wouldn’t you agree – before you get a lawyer to incorporate you or for you to use an on-line service?.

Call us first – as there are rules to follow – especially if you are already running a business or if you are just starting out in business and want to get it right from the get go. All too often people incorporate only to find that they need to amend the incorporation afterwards – to be able to take advantage of the tax laws to their maximum benefit.

Even if you incorporated years ago – it is not too late to make the appropriate changes to your existing incorporation to help you to become a wealthier business owner and to stop paying the needless amount of taxes that you may have been paying year over year.
We will share with you the information others may not have – most lawyers will tell you that they are not accountants and most accountants have not acquired the necessary information to educate their clients.

In some cases – Business Owners – can benefit from saving – thousands of tax dollars – yearly and over the years this will add up.

Call us today to have a conversation about our incorporation assistance . . . . after all – the tax savings – all can start with us having a conversation.