Your tax savings start with us having a conversation.

First you should know that, unlike the majority of firms, our fees and fee structures are offered at a discount to national and mid-market firms. Also, we offer specialty services that most business owners are seeking when they are ready to:

  1. Obtain the tax savings and benefits that they have been told that their corporation provides but they feel that they are not receiving or have received.
  2. Sell their business – the whole process from how to find a buyer to how to get the cash tax free or Tax Efficiently.
  3. Develop a Succession Plan or Exit Strategy to retire from their business and obtain enough cash to provide peace of mind and security as they venture into their retirement years.
  4. Start their business with the right formal business structure to ensure they have all their regulatory government compliance issues dealt with properly including the cost effective ways to handle the HST Taxes and; their receivables, trade payables, and various tax credits that they can benefit from.
  5. Benefit from their corporation to pay themselves or learn how to remunerate themselves Tax Efficiently and receive the benefits of that the tax system provides to the Business Owner as created by Canada’s Finance Minister.

GB Taxes & Accounting with the assistance of our Strategic Alliance Legal, Accounting and Financial Services Partners can meet the needs of all Business Owners for the complete vast and various Specialty Tax, Legal and Accounting Services found in the Tax, Accounting, Valuations, Legal and Financial Services industry.